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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Hillary Clinton Campaign Song Contest: The Song in 5th Place Is...

This past week began the first round of our rapid-fire voting for the Hillary Campaign Song contest. There were only five songs left in the running, and you all had the chance to vote on one of them. You delivered and now it's time to announce which one is being eliminated in fifth place.

A reminder: the Top 5 songs were: "Brave," "Fighters," "Roar," "Run the World (Girls)" and "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)."

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At this point in the contest, it's hard to see a song get cut because all five of these songs are fantastic. But only four can move on.

The song in fifth place is...Kris Allen's "Fighters."

To give you some stats, this song did fluctuate in terms of how many votes it got every time. During the first round of voting, "Fighters" was in a five-way tie for third place. Not bad. Its percentage didn't go down all that much in the second round, but in terms of placement, it tumbled to an eighth place tie. Then miraculously, there was massive support in Round 3. But once things switched over to rapid-fire voting and you could only vote for one song, support fell again.

I'm glad that "Fighters" made it into the Top 5 because it's a great song. I've listened to it multiple times since this contest started and it really is a fitting song for a political campaign. It's on Hillary's Spotify playlist and has played after many of her campaign events/speeches, so Hillary for America definitely likes this song as well.

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If you were siding with "Fighters," I hope you'll take a look at the four remaining songs ("Brave," "Roar," "Run the World (Girls)" and "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)") and choose another one to support when voting opens again.

But before we wrap up this first elimination from the Top 5, here are some of the comments you sent in for why you wanted "Fighters" as the campaign song:

"Born to be a fighter, [Hillary]'s strong and [a] survivor."

"I think FIGHTERS sends a message of hope and spirit."

"'Fighters' is an amazing inspirational song. It's a good representation of the type of leadership that we need now in America to get back up because we were born to be fighters."

"Kris Allen's Fighter pumps my blood and gives me hope that we can really do it!"

"Fighters by Kris Allen is so appropriate because it shows that no matter what happens to people, they can get up and start fighting for what they believe. So true of Americans!"

"Hillary can 'fight' for Americans that have trouble 'fighting' for themselves!! She will 'fight' to make our voices heard!! Kris Allen's song 'Fighters' is made to represent so many aspects of our lives!"

"As soon as I heard the song 'Fighters' by Kris Allen at the end of Hillary Clinton's campaign announcement I knew it exemplified what her candidacy is all about. We are all 'born to be fighters' and her campaign is 'fighting for lives'."

"Kris Allen's Fighters has an inspiring message to never give up. Perfect for #Hillary2016 campaign and for all Americans!"

For those who sent in comments, I really loved reading all of them because it showed how passionate you are for this song.

In conjunction with the Top 5 voting, you also had the chance to enter a giveaway to win a set of Hillary/Beyonce 2016 stickers. As of this writing, I have randomly picked a winner and have notified that person. If you didn't win, don't worry--we're giving away another set of these stickers during Top 4 voting.

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