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Monday, August 3, 2015

Hillary Clinton Campaign Song Top 5: Vote for the Top 4! [+ Giveaway]

A lot has happened during the past couple months in the world of presidential election politics. And a lot has happened right here on this blog. Two months ago, we began this contest, with everyone submitting songs, and in the weeks, since you have been voting for your favorites that you believe should be Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign song. What started with 41 songs has now been narrowed down to just five.

If you missed the reveals on Twitter last week, here are the Top 5 songs you advanced to this next round: Sara Bareilles' "Brave," Kris Allen's "Fighters," Katy Perry's "Roar," Beyonce's "Run the World (Girls)" and Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)." This means that the five eliminated songs from the previous round are: "American Girl," "Don't Stop Believin'," "Girl on Fire," "Respect" and "Woman in the White House."

So here's what's going to happen now. Each of the first three rounds lasted a week, and half of the songs were eliminated each time. You were also able to vote for as many songs as you wanted. But with five songs left, it's time to focus more on what the winning song will be. This means there will be no off weeks between each voting period; rather, there will be a new round of rapid-fire voting every week in the month of August to find out which song is in fifth place, fourth place, etc. until we're left with just one. Also, with so few songs remaining, you can only choose one song in each round instead of open-ended voting like before.

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Voting for Top 5 Week is open from Monday, August 3 at 10am PT to Saturday, August 8 at 10am PT. Use the form below to vote. And feel free to share this blog post on all of your social media pages so that as many Hillary supporters as possible can participate. (Use the hashtag #HillaryCampaignSong.)

Scroll below the form for YouTube videos of all the songs and links to read the lyrics. Reading the lyrics can be useful in seeing if a song is fitting for a campaign--and for Hillary's campaign in particular. (If one of the videos or links doesn't work, please let me know so I can correct it.) Below each video are anonymous comments you sent in for why that song should be the campaign song.

GIVEAWAY! As I hinted at before, we are now introducing some giveaways that will be attached to every round of voting in August. Giveaway #1 is a set of three Hillary/Beyonce 2016 stickers!, which you can see a photo of below. (Click here to visit their online store and click here to follow on Twitter.) To enter for a chance to win, use the form below to vote for a song and then type your e-mail address where it says "Enter Giveaway". Once this round is over, a winner will be randomly selected (and if you're on Twitter, I'll also follow you and give you a #FollowFriday Shoutout). If you don't win this prize, don't worry--there will be three more opportunities.

I am not affiliated with Hillary Clinton or Hillary for America, so these polls and giveaways are not being used by the campaign to find an official song or to promote merchandise; this is just for us to show our support and have some fun along the way. But if anybody from the campaign wants to take these results into consideration, please do!

"Brave" (Sara Bareilles) [Click Here for Lyrics]
What You Said About "Brave": "Hillary is Brave. She says what needs to be said. She is not afraid. She doesn't pander or cower."

"Fighters" (Kris Allen) [Click Here for Lyrics]
What You Said About "Fighters": "'Fighters' is an amazing inspirational song. It's a good representation of the type of leadership that we need now in America to get back up because we were born to be fighters."

"Roar" (Katy Perry) [Click Here for Lyrics]
What You Said About "Roar": "From the FIRST time I heard ROAR I KNEW it would be the perfect song when she decided to run, and that opinion has not changed. ROAR, Hillary ROAR!"

"Run the World (Girls)" (Beyonce) [Click Here for Lyrics]
What You Said About "Run the World (Girls)": "It's our time to show the world women need equality. Women are powerful. Women make a positive change in America!!"

"Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" (Kelly Clarkson) [Click Here for Lyrics]
What You Said About "Stronger": "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger is relatable to everyone, especially women and Hillary exemplifies Pure Strength in the face of vicious attacks from all sides, from every angle, at any opportunity simply for daring to challenge the status quo!"

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